The Sports Story - Primary School Podcast Competition

Mar 2024
Primary School Podcast Competition
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Stories are important at the International Rugby Experience – stories told by players of the passion for the game that propelled them to greatness, stories of how rugby has impacted politics across the generations, stories of grassroots rugby and how it has grown and developed in nations around the world.

It is because of this love of stories, for rugby in particular and sport in general,  that the International Rugby Experience, in collaboration with Createschool, is excited to launch an innovative podcast competition for senior primary school students (4th, 5th & 6th classes).

We want to hear their stories of why they love sport – why they love playing, why they love supporting, what it means to their school, family, friends, club or county!

From rugby to hurling, soccer to basketball, whatever the sport, this unique contest invites students to creatively express their passion for it – through the art of podcasting.

What Is In It for Your School?

Learn Valuable Skills: Students will gain hands-on experience in scripting, recording, editing and sharing their own podcasts, enhancing their communication and digital media skills.

Creative Expression: Embrace the opportunity to tell engaging stories about sport, fostering creativity and confidence in young learners.

Win Amazing Prizes: The winning class will be awarded an exclusive workshop at the International Rugby Experience and the chance to interview a rugby personality, with their podcast featured on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Recognition for All: Every participant will receive a digital certificate, and selected podcasts will be showcased on the official competition podcast channel.

We’re looking for schools that are ready to inspire their students, and help them explore the exciting world of podcasting, with easy-to-follow bespoke tutorials and step-by-step instructions along the way.

Please note no previous podcasting experience is necessary (for pupils or teachers!) and no special equipment/technology.

Full support and easy-to-follow resources provided to create on technology you already have.

Want to kick off? Please complete the Expression of Interest form linked below.

Let’s celebrate our love of sport and storytelling together!



Primary School Podcast Competition
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