Fighting Words Creative Writing Workshops at International Rugby Experience

Sep 2023

On Thursday (21st September) we were delighted to host our first Fighting Words creative writing workshop at the International Rugby Experience.

We welcomed TY students from both Thomond Community College and St. Clement's to our Dugout space for a morning and afternoon of brain storming, character creation and script writing - all centered around the theme of the Rugby World Cup. 

Fighting Words is a creative writing organisation established in 2009 by Roddy Doyle and Seán Love in Dublin. Their aim is to help students of all ages to develop their writing skills and to explore their love of writing. All programmes are free of charge and offered in locations all over Ireland.

These workshops at the International Rugby Experience form part of their Story Seeds project, which is aimed at not only introducing children and young people to creative writing but also at strengthening their positive sense of themselves and to allow them to re-imagine the negatives in their lives and transform their sense of place and possibility.


Fighting Words_Thomond Community College
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